Graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, Barbara developed a characteristic sensitive atmosphere. Research is one of the most important aspects for her narrative collections. Her departure point often tackles questions around identity, history, memory, and loss.

After graduating she stepped away from fashion and broadened her interest in interior textiles for almost 3 years. During this period she also designed and produced costumes for modern dance companies. As a result she developed small contemporary women collections from vintage and abandoned clothing, while earning income by teaching textile workshops and establishing a clientèle for evening and bridal wear.

A small artisanal timeless collection based on single pieces which embodies craftsmanship from an avant-garde point of view is presented regularly in Paris. Barbara carefully produces these collections together with a group of loyal pattern cutters and tailors.

Barbara Munsel would like to offer her customer carefully crafted and storytelling clothes to wear. Just like art  fashion can offer an escape through investing and experiencing a new way of dressing that encourage a personality.

Next to her tailor’s atelier Barbara also works from her art practice where she makes contemporary art pieces related to textile. Due to grants and awards she is able to exhibit her work from different angles.



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